Monteverdi and his English Contemporaries

Monteverdi’s mastery stands for itself – a wonderful blend of vocal display and resourcefulness, both choral and solo, which allows the texts to blossom into heavenly sounds.

Yet Monteverdi’s mastery does not stand by itself. In England Peter Philips (1561-1628) and Richard Dering (1580-1630) remained loyal to the Roman Church and subsequently kept in touch with the developing Italian style. There is much in common in the vocal sound world of all three composers. Monteverdi’s genius is shown all the more prominently in the company of the great and the innovative.

DISCANTVS an English choir directed by Bruce Ramell, with a repertory of predominantly sacred choral music, explored this idea in a concert delivered within the magnificent spaces of St. John’s co-Cathedral, another contemporary of Monteverdi’s musical innovations.

The concert was organized by The School of Practical Philosophy with the collaboration of the St. John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation, and the kind support of the Malta Tourism Authority, the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, Air Malta, Clear Dimension, Citadel Insurance, and the sisters, Nina and Lucia Bugeja. The chamber-organ was played by Ramona Zammit-Formosa.