Sessions cover topics that are central to one’s fulfilment and realization of truth with a constant reference to some of the world’s most ancient philosophic traditions.

The nature of the courses is neither dogmatic nor prescriptive. Students are encouraged neither to accept nor reject the teachings offered them, but to test them in everyday life and evaluate their worth on the basis of their direct experience.

Students in the school meet in discussion groups with a tutor, who is also a student of the school. None of the tutors receives any remuneration for teaching; their time is given freely.

Online Practical Philosophy Course

The next introductory philosophy courses will be held online

Thursday 12th January 2021

The course begins on Thursday 12th January between 7.00 pm and 8:00 pm. It will be held once weekly on a Thursday evening. Course members will be limited to the first 30 enrolments. Please contact us on for more details about the online course and enrolment.

During the course, we shall examine how you can, in a practical way:

Empower yourself by:
– Understanding the nature of wisdom
– Learning how to access wisdom every day
– Exploring what you truly are

Be yourself by:
– Not acting out of habit or impulse
– Learning from the people you meet every day
– Expanding your view of the world

Find Happiness and Joy by:
– Dealing with worries and anxieties
– Seeing the Happiness and Joy around you
– Becoming more efficient at what you do
– Increasing your energy

A nominal fee of 20 Euros is required to register for the course.

For further information telephone 21334429, 21436129 or 79338611.