April 2021 – Introductory Course

The School of Practical Philosophy, a non-profit organisation, would like to invite you to a 10-week Online Introductory Course that explores wisdom, inner peace and true happiness.

The course begins on April 22nd 2021 between 7.00 pm and 8:15 pm. It will be held once weekly on a Thursday evening. Course members will be limited to the first 30 enrolments.

Please contact us on info@practicalphilosophymalta.eu for more details about the online course and enrolment. You can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/436412987455978

We shall examine how you can, in a practical way,

Empower yourself by: – Understanding the nature of wisdom – Learning how to access wisdom every day – Exploring what you truly are

Be yourself by: – Not acting out of habit or impulse – Learning from the people you meet every day – Expanding your view of the world

Find Happiness and Joy by: – Dealing with worries and anxieties – Seeing the Happiness and Joy around you – Becoming more efficient at what you do – Increasing your energy

A nominal fee of 20 Euros is required to register for the course. For further information telephone 21334429, 21436129 or 79338611.

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